Monday, January 26, 2015


Saturday Chuck and I scraped, wire brushed, scrubbed, then took the motor out in the driveway and got after it with the power washer. Now its time to paint and polish. The effort was well worth it.

 Finished painting and polishing the hubs, I think Tim has decided to powdercoat the rims, to match the bike, should look killer.
 Started turning the fork legs. No fender, no brackets on the legs, they will look nice.
I think Tim is going with a different tank, and probably let us get creative on the seat. I am thinking cut off the frame behind the shock mounts, then add a loop to the back, then work with that for seat. Also no starter, so will use a small battery under the seat, and leave the area behind the motor open. Nothing on this bike, except what is absolutely needed. Also the color Tim has in mind will be awsome! But wont let that out of the bag yet!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Shop Work

Got the new front wheel ready for welding, also picked up a 4 piston Brembo caliper to use. Getting closer to being able to use 15 inch car tires front and rear!

Verns XS750

Vern has finished his xs750 cafe job. We did a little fab work on this bike here at Past In Time, and are real proud to be part of this build. The pictures don't do this beauty justice! This bike is flawless! Good job Vern, another fine creation under your belt. Whats next? We can't wait!

Jesse James side car

This sold Friday at Barrott Jackson, 60,000 dollars. Really cool!

My CB350, miss it

Saturday, January 10, 2015


CB350 Project

 Chuck and I tore the wheels for the CB350 down today. Let me just say, removing old hard junk tires by hand is a  BITCH, but we did get them off. We then polished all the spokes, and nipples, then we mounted the hubs up in the lathe and started the polishing sequence. The lathe made a hard job much easier. This week I hope to get the centers of the hubs painted, and get the wheels over to Ryan to get laced and trued.


Got the wheel that I am modifying bored out this week at Gear Headquarters on Merriam Lane this week. Today I cut out the 1/4 aluminum plate disc to fill in the area where the rear drive hub use to recide. All that is left is pressing in the hub, and find a shop to do all the welding. Hope this work and expense is worth it!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Found on the web.

Shop Work

Saturday Chuck and I did the reardown on the cb350 project. For the first time ever, I removed all the wireing by unplugging untapeing, and not cutting a single wire, trying to do things smart. This thing looked clean until we started getting into it, and as usual there was plenty of grease packed dirt everywhere. Will try to get frame and related parts off to powdercoat this week. This Saturday will get wheels torn down, get started cleaning and polishing, hubs, rims, and spokes, and get them over to Ryan for laceing and trueing.I think all the motor needs is a good cleaning, some paint and detail, and the side covers polished.

Started the machine work on my Goldwing rear wheel that is becoming a front wheel.

This is the caliper I will use on the front.

This is the rear wheel that is going on it, with these two calipers. They use to be on the front. May sound crazy, but I do have a plan in my little feeble mind. Thats it until next time, thanks for tuning in.