Sunday, March 8, 2015

Side Car Project

Got the fender cut out and made the mounts, Chuck also helped me with the throttle cable and some wireing. Getting ready for the first start up with this carb and manifold set up. Still got the exhaust fab to do then we will be close to wrapping up this version of the on going ever changeing GL sidecar.

CB350 Project

Got the frame painted Saturday. The stripe looks kind of brite in some of the pictures, but it is actually a very suptle marroon. Also got the seat back from Ryan at Long Speed Shop, look's really nice, good job Ryan.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

CB350 Project

In these two photo's, you can see the extent of frame modifications. The backbone cut out and replaced with 1 1/2 moly tube, then all the structural changes where the back bone meets with the seat area and the rear fender/cowl.

CB350 Project

Got the wheels and bolt on frame parts primed and

painted. The wheels gray,

and the other frame parts black.

Got the frame body worked,

and in primer.

Will start painting the frame tommorrow evening, and finish painting and clear this weekend.