Sunday, December 30, 2012


Chuck, Joe, and I worked on Chucks wing project Saturday. Modified a set of FLH shocks to help lower the rear a bit, narrowed up a piece of a  fender blank left from another project for the rear, and narrowed and chopped a Fat Boy fender for the front. Then we cut up his origanal seat to make a comfortable solo unit and have it ready for upholstery. It was a good day for the 3 amigos.


Finally got my GL1000 outside for some pictures. Real happy with the way it looks and rides, cant wait till spring to really ring it out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let,s ride on new years day.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Got a lot of work done on my SR500 street tracker project today. Got the tank mounts set up to use stock iso mounting parts. Also got the rear brake master cylinder mount made, and got all of the sheetmetal body work made. So far real happy with the look of the bike. Pipe mount and a lot of welding and grinding and it will be time for bondo and elbow grease, cant wait.


Officially started on Chucks GL1000 project. Got all of the brake parts stripped off and ready for cleanup paint and rebuilding. Also used a set of Sportster mufflers and some discarded pipes to build a killer exhaust system also. Next will be remounted the fender and short shocks.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


 Picked up some HD hand controls on ebay lately cheap.
 With a little trimming I got them shaped up with a 60 grit flapper wheel. Now I will work them down with sandpaper until I get them slick enough to polish.

 Got my Progresive shocks today. 13 inch Dyna shocks are just right. Starting to look like a street tracker.
Got a xt500 brake pedal and pivot for drum brakes, will adapt them to work with my rear master cylinder and disc brake.Thats it for now, I will have another report after I make a little headway.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

sr500 project

Along with Verns bike we got a little work done on my SR500. Got the tank cleaned treated and lined with a POR15 tank lining kit. Stripped off  the paint on the outside and got it sanded down ready for body work. Got parts and tires ordered for it, should be here this week. Put the numberplate / headlight on it, and starting to like it. Another good weekend of work with Vern and Chuck, had a great time. Johnny also came by to pick up his cb motor to put in his chopper project to mock up his rear wheel, and other parts. His chopper is looking to be one of the best custom CB's around without a doubt.


Made up a seat pan for Verns XS, then mounted up all the electrics under the seat using the stock sheet metal tabs and iso mounts, then added studs for mounting the fuse block, electronic control unit, and regulator. After that we pulled it apart for final welding, then it will go home to Verns for the rest of the build.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 Finished up the Goldwing this weekend. Put fluids in and bled the brakes, and fired the beast up. At first we had fuel pour out the number 4 carb overflow. Lucked out and reached inside the bowl with a piece of wire through the drain screw hole and worked the float up and down and got that problem fixed. After that it fired right up, the homebuilt 4 into 1 sounds great and the bike runs excellant with it.Rode it down the street and put gas in it, and did a quick pass through the neighborhood. Thanks to Chuck, Joe, and Vern for there help, and also to Los for the excellant paint work. Will take some better shots when I can get it out in the sun this weekend.