Friday, September 28, 2012


Started Josh's bike, and took it for a spin. runs great, handles great idles great. Some air cleaners and it will be ready to go. If The Hub has the aircleaners, I will pick them tomorrow after work, install them, clean it up and it will be ready to go, finally.

Copper cb750

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Most of my friends know that I have a real fondness of sidecar rigs. Now before judgeing you should really ride a properly set up rig, it is a fun alternative to two wheels. I have had this bike longer then any bike I own. It is an ongoing project, hopefully I will have time to make it all One color this winter. Thats my trusty shop wagon in the background. Its a 1993 BMW E34 Touring. Best car I have ever owned.


These are the carbs ready to go on Josh's CB. Tommorrow right after work I will give them a go. Those are the old crusty jets needles and screws out of them.


This reminds me of the copper bike we did. If I can find some pics of it I will post them.


This XS650 is the coolest xs I think I have ever seen.


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Selling my trusty CB750. 4000$ or best reasonable offer. Email we if interested.



 I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get Josh's cb550 to run with the 2 carb manifold set we built. I have tried every trick I know to get it to be rider friendly. I can get it to run for me, but I know all of the little nuances, and it is not easy for a fairly knew rider to be able to predict how its going act next. I have finally given up and am bbuilding a set of stock carbs for it, which is a major pain in the rear. But in the end it will give Josh a much more enjoyable ride.
 Twin carb manifold we built at the old Anchor Shop.
 All 4 carbs dissambled, and after 4 hours of cleaning every piece.
 close up of one carb.
 Linkage pieces.

This is Punk Rod Russ's xs650 AHRMA racer. It is in the shop to pull the motor apart, and figure out where the knock is coming from. I can't wait to get inside and see what was done to make race worthy. I will keep progress posted.

Brians newest ride

Went by Brians house Sarurday, this is his new ride. A super clean 1984 Nissan pickup. He has a few modifications in mind for the little jewel. Can't wait to see them, Anybody that knows Brian Will tell you that when he gets a new project he is able to pull off something cool every time. The cool thing is it is always very original, built exactly how he wants it.Thanks to Brian and Jennifer for the hospitality, and the tank and tail light.


 Johnny Chopper in front of the Fountain City Choppers Headquarters.
 Johnnys faithful CB550 chopper.
 Seans model a
 Johnnys cb550 drag bike.
 Johnnys Sportster is getting a cool FCC facelift.
 Johnnys cb750 project.
 Johns triumph project.
Got a chance to spend some time with Johnny Chop at the Fountain City Choppers H.Q. Saturday. Cool shop, cool projects going on inside. There will be some killer bikes and cars coming out of this place real soon, keep tour eyes peeled. Thanks fopr the hospitality Johnny, I had a good time.