Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Back when this country was feared. The world peace keepers.

Russ's XS650 AHRMA racer.

These are the only photos I have of Russ's AHRMA racer I have. Lost several pics. in my camera when it decided to shit. Well I found these on my phone. We spent a lot of time , and put in a lot of effort on this. It is one of our best builds.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eds Kawasaki 70

Just a little soap and water. Oh, and a pressure washer, will do wonders!

Kawasaki 70 monkeybike

When Ed brought his Kawi monkeybike to the Past In Time shop, I thought what a cool little bike still in nice condition. When I started taking it apart I found much more dirt and wear then it first appeared. But after a carb rebuild, new chain, new tires, some paint, and plateing, maybe some new cables, and grips, and some deep cleaning and lube, it will be better than new.
 Stay tuned for more.

CB350 Project

With the seat and the unfinished tank, the bike is taking on a personality. Can't wait for the paint on the tank to see how it all goes together.